Monday, December 23, 2013

Crafty Joy

Crafty Kitty

Crafting has taken over this room in the last two weeks.  Here Merlin is looking up at me from under the open drawer of Mom's antique desk as I get this shot of part of my crafting work space.

This shows:

  • the blue tray holding lots of small stuff like needles, scissors, thread snips, crochet hooks, ribbon, straight pins, sewing thread, needle threaders, buttons, beads
  • the red microfiber dishrag I'm using to block small crocheted pieces
  • the use of opened drawers to extend work space and to keep thread and yarn balls that are in play
  • the laminated white card sticking out from under my laptop for putting a light background behind the crochet making it easier to see.

Crafty Christmas

Another view of the blue tray at an angle catching the clipboard holding the sheet of graph paper on which I've rearranged a filet pattern to suit my needs.  More on that as soon as I have a significant section of the project done for a meaningful picture.

Crafty Joy
More projects and supplies to the left of my chair.

Getting back into the crafting has been a joy and has me flabbergasted as to why I allowed it to fall away over the last six months.  It began with my New Year Intent to 'Finish more things than I start in 2013 which kinda muffled my muse.

And then there was what I know now was a misguided rule I set myself to stop working on all other fiber art projects until I got last year's Secret Santa project finished and delivered to my sister-in-law.  That rule did not take into account:

  • the bulk of the crafter's tote project making portability iffy at best--first I could no longer take it away from home then it became difficult to move from room to room with it
  • the difficulty in getting it out and putting it away made spontaneity impossible so that I could no longer pick it up on impulse when I had a few minutes to work with it--with it taking 5 to 15 minutes to get out and put away I tended to wait for blocks of time of 30 minutes or more which rarely occurred
  • how doing less of something accelerates the trend towards doing nothing at all
  • how dissing the muse puts it in a sulk


Behind my swiveling chair is the box containing what I refer to as the bookmarks wardrobe--items for decorating bookmarks and other projects--buttons, beads, novelties, charms...   This is showing only the top of two layers and it is only one small box of many.

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