Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bowled Over

My Christmas

Except for the Ott Light in the foreground, everything was from my sister with Mom's money contributing to some.  The lamp was from my sister-in-law who was my Secret Santa this year--same one I still owe the crocheted crafter's tote to as she all but prophesied the day she handed back the box she'd just opened containing 8  loose strips of 4x4 squares on Christmas day last year.

Any guesses as to my favorite color?

This was the Blue Christmas I alluded to in yesterday's post:

  • There was a blue bowl with snowflakes on it.
  • A blue thermos and two sip mugs, one blue.
  • a box of Christmas tree ornaments (pictured in yesterday's post) signifying next year in my own home
  • a Tommy Hilfinger sweater--blue
  • a role of turquoise blue duct tape
  • a package of blue, purple and pink beads and a slew of colorful metalic beading wire
  • a tin box with Christmas decor and colors featuring JOY on the top.
  • a necklace with a pedant sporting JOY  (Funny how my name seems to be everywhere between my birthday in November and New Year's.)
  • an inspirational message on a card with a magnet on its back
  • a box of Aplets and Cotlets.
  • a set of the Story Cubes.

My sister was all about the presentation.  She is an artist after all.  Most of the items were individually wrapped.  The funnest and most artistic was what she put in the big blue bowl  before wrapping it.

This is just a recreation of the concept.  I couldn't get it to look as well balanced or get that effect of random purposefulness she had.  The super soft and lightweight Tommy Hilfinger sweater was in a swirl with nothing identifying it as a garment visible--no cuffs, or sleeves or collar.  The beads and spools of beading wire just seemed to flow in and among the folds.

I'm excited about my new Ott lamp too but there is some assembly required.  I'm going to see if I can figure it out before asking my sister or nephew for help.  But first I need to clean up my Christmas mess and make a spot for it.  It has a large and heavy base  (heavy like a track and field discus) so I will want it to stay put once I settle on a spot for it.

Having this  full spectrum light to work my fiber arts under will really make a big difference in how long I can work and how well I can differentiate shades of color.  I think it will make tucking the dozens of tails on that crafter's tote much easier.  Which is fitting somehow that my sister-in-law's gift to me will help me get her late gift finished for her.

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