Thursday, December 12, 2013

Light My Fire

My New Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus
with high lux light lamp and air ionizer

I've been interested for years in the reports of the effectiveness of light that simulates bright sunlight without the UV on several health issues, including mood, energy, circadian rhythm, and the immune system.  I found a very good price on one of the personal therapy lamps Cyber Monday Week and ordered one.

It arrived today but I didn't have an opportunity to pull it out of the package until nearly midnight, which is not a good time to be using it if you are trying to set your sleep cycle for early bird.  But I needed to get it set up for use first thing in the morning and I needed a topic for a quick post.  So I turned it on briefly to get the picture.

Then I got another picture after turning it off to show the air vent that releases ionized air particles, created by a separate electrostatic device.  Some recent studies have shown that the combination of high lux light and ionized air has a cumulative effect on those with SAD or mild depression.

I'd been looking into ionized air as an air purifier for our home last year to eliminate the allergens and cigarette smoke so I was pleased to find a light therapy lamp that included the ionization.  This small ionizer is not likely to have much effect on the large areas of the rest of the house but I'm hoping it will have a significant effect here in this small room.

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