Saturday, December 28, 2013

3 More Crocheted Christmas Gifts

Purple Mesh Bookmark with Vintage Button
These three were all gifts for my sister that I finished late.  I'm working on more.  Will (I hope) be doling out several more over the next couple of months.  I have quite a few in progress intended for her.  Many finished all but tucking tails and blocking and adding decorative touches.  Most small like the bookmark several medium sized like the 'sponge' and wallet below and a couple large and/or complex.

She isn't the only one for whom I have collections of projects in the works.  I hope to finish several for Mom's birthday next Friday.

There are several more buttons like that in Mom's vintage collection (that I've confiscated) diamond rhinestones in a pearl white setting.  They would make great earrings if I could figure out how to mount the posts on the back.

Purple Mesh 'Sponge'

This one wasn't a WIP.  I began and finished it in about 4 hours.  I used the Sugar n Cream cotton yarn, intending to make a dishrag but got about half done when I realized it was already hard to wad up in my hand.  I noticed that folded in half it was about the size of a sponge so I topped it off with the green edge and then crocheted the three edges together.  I took out and put back in sections of the purple edging several times trying to get it to lay flat and stay square.  As you can see, I gave up.

Variegated Purple Wallet with Button Flap
This one has been kicking around in my all-but-finished WIP bag for years.  It was the first project I started that wasn't a bookmark tho I did start and finish a prayer shall before I finished crocheting the rectangle for this.

So who can guess my sister's favorite color?

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