Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a LOLly Good Christmas

Kitteh and Mr. Redsuit Chapter 3

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

and didn't get
at least not mood wise
I've had a pretty good Christmas after all.  Better than I expected after learning two weeks ago that I definitely would not get to go down to Southern Oregon to spend Christmas with Ed and his family.

Kissmass tis zosting
I've got pictures but I'm too tired to prep them so I'll share tomorrow and leave you with some LOLcat cheer.
may ur day b merri & breyt
ai hopes santuh carreez fyre stingishur
ai b makn kissmiss pwesantz
wen ai dun dis b bootifool kwissmiss purrzent
iz bizy wif sekwet santa pawject...
iz gonna haz a boo kwissmus wifowt U

OK.  I can manage two.  One featuring some of the aftermath of today and the past week's prep.  And one symbolizing a vision of next year's Christmas.

Two years ago today we had just taken possession of our own rental home for the first time in over 10 years and we dreamed of getting to decorate and celebrate our first Christmas in our own place since 2000.  But a significant drop in hours for Ed made extras like decorations and special recipe ingredients impossible.  So we pinned our hopes on this year...

But the Lifequake intervened and two weeks from now on January 6th makes my 3 week visit to Mom's officially one year.

Today I'm dreaming of celebrating Christmas with Ed in our own home next year.  One of the things I got from my sister today symbolized that vision:

My Blue Christmass
This is what I meant by 'not mood wise' abvoe

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