Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tap Into This

free in the Windows 8 store.

This is my newest addiction.  It is one of the free games in the Windows 8 store from Microsoft. The principle of play is similar to MahJong but with cubes built into 3D shapes that you can rotate on the screen.  You take tiles off by clicking or touching matching pairs.

I kept seeing it advertised when I played solitaire.  I was drawn to it by the clear, crisp easy to distinguish symbols.  So much easier on my eyes than the MahJong tiles.  With my visual impairment that matters.

I was soon addicted and feeling chagrined for the lost productivity but noticed that for hours after playing 15-30 minutes my memory was sharper and my observational skills on fire.  I was reading faster, thinking clearer, noticing more around me and finding lost items quicker from the crochet hook dropped on the floor to the cursor on the screen.

As an extra bonus my mood is boosted by the game's ambiance.  The music is pleasant and uplifting.  The bright primary and pastel colors are entrancing.

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