Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday Serenity #352

moar kitteh kute & funneez
I spent the entire weekend getting to know my new Aspire Windows 8 with touch screen.  A fairly steep learning curve.  My brain is stuffed with words and numbers and images and procedures in a swirling mass.  After three days I still can't do any of my regular tasks on there.

Had hoped to get all the aps I depend on for regular posting installed today but I only got one.  WhizFolder Deluxe.  And then spent hours getting my user preferences established.

I had to stop everything and do a restart this evening or risk finding it done for me when I wake up in the morning.  Then when it finished it presented me with a password screen and would not accept my password.  I had to use my netbook to go to a web address to request a password reset and then follow a link in the email that sent me to reset it and only then could I log into the Aspire.  What if the Aspire was the only internet access I had?

Ah well.  I'm not sounding very serene am I?  It may not seem like I'm even happy but all the frustration and fatigue is relatively minor compared to the gratitude and elation I feel over acquiring the Aspire.  I am confident that all of this effort will pay off big in the long run in helping my match reality to my aspirations.

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