Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crossed Eyes and Knotty Thoughts

mayja bleenk, dat google?
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It's way past my bedtime again.  My eyes are crossing and my brain feels like a Celtic knot.  I spent the entire day wrestling with the issues that have been plaguing all of Google ap related activities for over a week now.  Slow page loading, slow uploading of images, refusal to save or publish posts, refusal to save or send email, constant disconnections from Google Chat, continuous error messages that mostly told me to check my network connection.

I couldn't help but wonder, if it was my internet connection causing the problems then why was it only Google aps and Google sites having the issues?  But still I followed the advice.  I performed trouble shooting via my computer's help and troubleshooting protocols and then I performed trouble shooting via Google help pages.

Guess what?  The Google help pages were all loading slow or coming up with errors so that was a frustrating hurry-up-and-wait process.  Especially so when they dole out info in short paragraphs with multiple choice responses that are links to the next suggestion or question.

I feel I got a significant education through the whole process so I can't objectively say it was a waste of time just because I haven't solved the problem yet.  But it still feels like a waste of time since I did not work on any of my other projects so got further behind.  With all this going on for over a week I haven't stayed on top of my inbox so I've lost ground on that project.  I'd had it whittled down from 12K to 1220 about ten days ago and now it is back up to 2900.

Was hoping to put up a post in honor of Banned Book week today.  But was unable to do the research for it.  I was also hoping to get tomorrow's blog tour review at least partially prepped before I went to bed so it would be easier to get ready to publish in the morning.

Not to mention I still need to finish the book.  But not tonight.  My eyes are on strike. So the best plan is to go to bed now and hope I wake up raring to go before dawn.

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