Friday, September 20, 2013

Email Nightmares

u kin fankz meh lattrz
moar kitteh myschuf

I spent hours today on organizing my email filters and labels.  My eyes are crossing and rolling up into my head.

I have over 60K email in my Gmail.  I almost never send anything to trash.  Worse I had as of this morning 2800 in my inbox.  Sound bad?  Not nearly as bad as the over 12K it was in June.

I had it whittled down to 2400 a week ago but for the last week Gmail (along with Blogger) has been having issues with slow loading and involuntary sign-outs and frequent disconnection.  It would take me three and four times longer to do everything so only the most urgent emails got opened, read, replied to or written.

On Thursday while working on the book review that took 8 instead of 2 hours to prep I did a troubleshoot at Gmail and Blogger Help.  Their best guess was that I had a 'flakey' connection.  But I had run the troubleshoot on my own computer and connection first.  And tell me why it was only Google aps having the problem.

It was not happening as bad or as often today but it was still causing intermittent problems.  Besides messing with my productivity it is messing with my chats with Ed and that is messing with my head big time.

We spend half or more of our allotted time trying to get reconnected and then repeating what was said in the moments just before and during the disconnect.  Often I would have kept talking for a minute or more without realizing that Ed's face was not so still because he was listening intently.

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