Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Serenity #312

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My sister fixed the hot water faucet in our bathroom sink which has not worked properly since we moved in after Christmas last year. This is a blessing not just for today but all the days that follow.

Ed made a big pot of his spaghetti sauce from scratch in the new crock pot she got us while I was staying with them last month.

While Ed cooked and Carri went back and forth between here and Home Depot looking for solutions and the two of them went online looking for answers and diagrams, Mom and I sat and played with our thread.  I was crocheting and Mom was winding thread off the cardboard tubes into compact balls for me.

Merlin spent the day trying to steal whichever chair was left unoccupied for two seconds.

Carri will be back for a few hours in the morning to tackle a few other things with her toolbox before they have to hit the road for home in the afternoon.

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