Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Serenity #311

Today I spent hours on the NaNo site and following links from there and from my email to NaNo related things. Like the peptalks, the free software trials and other goodies from sponsors. Like the freebies Writer's Digest is giving away each weekday all month.  I caught up on the ones available so far and read everything that was from a single page up to five pages--tips and advice, articles or chapters out of WD books.

One of the free software trials was for a timeline ap for storywriters that had me all excited and ready to click download when I noticed it was for Mac only.  I really really really need a good timeline ap that I can zoom from a century down to minutes, overlay the life timelines of a hundred characters and multiple novels along with real history.  The good news is that this Aeon timeline software is developing the Windows version due to come out in the next year and by signing up for the newletter I'll know when and the NaNo discounts will still apply so if I win NaNo this month I'll get a 50% discount when it does come out.

And what did I do but forget to finish getting my word count for the day so fell short by over 1000 words.  But no worries I'll catch it up.

I think it was worth it for I feel rejuvenated, inspired, a bit juiced now.

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