Thursday, November 29, 2012

Full of It.

Just pulled ahead on NaNo.  Need only 1112 words to finish and could probably get them before I go to bed but don't know if I will.

The words are there but they are full of it.  There seems to be less story this year and more musing about the story.  More rambling, digressions, and more indigestion making messes.

Like something made in a pot with leftovers.

But the words are there.  So maybe I can make something of them eventually.

Yesterday I roasted a whole chicken in our new crock pot my sister got us and today I made chicken soup from the leftovers.  Added the leftover green beans from Thanksgiving dinner, the leftover baby carrots from our car snacks last week, the leftover noodles from Ed's Sunday spaghetti which was the meal that inaugurated the crock pot.  Salt, pepper, garlic power and jalapeno pickle juice to spice it.

While dishing it up I slopped a ladle full over the finger of my left hand holding the bowl up to the pot.  Good thing it had been on low for over an hour at that point.

I guess i'm going to have to stop holding the containers I am pouring or dishing hot stuff into.  The tunnel vision is now to the point I can't see the entire rim of a cup when holding it or the entire large ladle let alone the whole bowl.

I know this but I still prefer to hold the bowl up to the pot when dishing up things that might splatter or spill.  But I think wiping up a little mess would be preferable to putting up with fingers that feel sunburned for several days.  Or worse.

This is going to slow down the crocheting as the finger that controls the thread is affected and I'm sure is not going to love having that thread drug across it for hours on end.

Speaking of crochet.  I finished another of the 8 strips of 11 squares today on the Secret Santa project.  Was all excited until I got out the first one finished last October and discovered the second one is both narrower and shorter.  Shorter by over 4 inches which is supposed to be the size of the squares.

[Picture of Charlie Brown with wide open mouth.]  Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

This is the kind of problem that tends to make me set a project aside indefinitely but I do not have that luxury as I have to have it done by Christmas or even a few days before.  So one way or another I have to make this work inside of three weeks.

Just for kicks while taking pics of the soup I snapped this one of the coffee pot I talked about so much this week.  Almost didn't post it when I saw the smudges on it in the photo which I could not see on the pot itself.

That's typical of my eyes these days.  I see more in the photos taken of something then in the thing itself in real life.

So that's the coffee pot I brewed six tanks of cleaning solution and two tanks of plain water through on Monday.  This brought it back to life.  The dispenser had stopped working and so we had to take the grounds out of the top and lift the bucket out to pour coffee and this tended to make terrible messes all over the counter and stain the counter.  Ed had been planning to buy a new one but when my sister looked at it last week she thought maybe it only needed a good internal cleansing.

It wasn't good enough to just brew the cleaning solutions through and then dump the bucket though.  To fix the dispenser I also had to make it deliver the fluid into the cup. So for every full pot of 'brew' I pulled out two or three cups through the dispenser before dumping the bucket.  In thee beginning it took over fifteen minutes to fill a cup but by the end it took only 7 seconds.

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