Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day of Thanks

ai dynt sa halp meh gawgul k?  I sayd hawpee Gawblur Day

Today my sister took me to the laundromat and helped run nearly two dozen loads through the machines.  I have seldom been as grateful for anything as I was for this today.

It took us seven hours.  Around three loads worth had to be rewashed a second or third time for stubborn stains or odors before graduating to the dryer.

I was wishing I'd taken my netbook or at least a pencil to go with the tablet I had in my bag so I could have gotten at least some of my NaNo words but I didn't so I didn't.  That is two days in a row now.  I could easily set a scene in my NaNo novel at a laundromat.  So I did try to observe and make a lot of mental notes and hoped to get some down tonight but I'm so exhausted the words on the page look like bug tracks even at normal font sizes.

I think I need to give in to the urge to splurge on zzzzzzzzzzz

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