Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Serenity #310

Diaper Bag Front.  Almost finished.

This was the picture I took at 7am just after i discovered I'd woven in the drawstring ribbon wrong messing up the pattern by leaving too large gaps and too small ones.  I was going to have to cut the knot, reweave the ribbon and reattach the buton and bead and remake the knots.  I knew I was making dumb mistakes because I needed to sleep.  So I did.

I woke at 11am with the baby's birthday party slated for 1pm and I still needed to prep myself so I made myself do that first and did not have time to work on the bag until i was in the car.  Then I had to sit in the pizza parlor parking lot to fix the drawstring and attach the second white ribbon handle.  It took me a good part of an hour and the party was more than in full swing.  Everyboday else had eaten and the baby was halfway through opening her gifts.
Finished.  Here with upper mesh section tucked inside like a lining.
 This was my cousin's, son's baby girl and I forgot to take her picture.  Her dad went out to the car to bring back the bag for me so I could get pictures for posting.

Here with the mesh section extended to form a drawstring bag.  Nearly doubles potential volume.
 As discussed in Thursday's post, one of my task for finishing this up this weekend was to remove the bottom panel already crocheted on but which I was not pleased with and try a new method of attaching it:
close up of bottom section showing the woven chain loops method for attaching two pieces together without sewing or crocheting.  Done by crocheting a row of six-chain loops around both pieces and then pulling a loop from one side thru the loop from the other alternating back and forth.  I love it and expect to become a regular part of any project requiring 'sewing' pieces together.
I was going to share pictures of my Secret Santa Crafter's Tote project too but I'm pressed for time with a book review for a blog tour needing to go up before dawn and me (again) not finished with the book yet.

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