Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Here Again, There Again, Home Again. Where Again?

Merlin last winter after a tuckering play session.
He wasn't much into playing tonight.  Actually he's not much into me.
I'm home.

Long long day.

We left Mom's house at 2pm but it was 2:30 before we hit the freeway out of Longview because we had to gas up first.  Then what should have taken us an hour forty minutes tops to get to the south side of Portland took over three hours.  The freeways through Vancouver and Portland were little better than parking lots.

I didn't get to do my NaNo words in the car either because we were all listening to an audio book all day so I crocheted and got 4.5 4x4 inch blocks in the Secret Santa project done.

We didn't pull into Phoenix OR until after 10pm and then we got Mom settled at their motel first before going to my house where we walked in waking Ed who'd fallen asleep in his recliner having been awake since 4:30 am and worked a full day.

Since Carri and I had planned on taking the laundry here over to the laundromat after we unloaded my stuff I'd asked Ed in an email to strip the bed telling him we were bringing clean sheets and sleeping bags for tonight.  But we got here after the laundrormat was closed and it will be closed tomorrow too.

So Carri got the clean bedding out of the car and made up the bed for Ed who soon headed for it.  Then she began unloading my stuff from the van into the house while I sorted our laundry which with the bedding added to it had created a pile large enough to fill the spot in the hall meant for the washing machine we don't have yet. Carri estimated 20 loads once I had it sorted. And that was just Ed's clothes, bedding, towels and cleaning rags since I took my dirty clothes with me to Longview and brought them home clean.

It may be all for naught since the laundromat near us is closed tomorrow.  My sister says her GPS shows there is another in Ashland but no way to know if it is going to be open.  We might check on the trailer park's facilities to see if they are as bad as I've heard rumors. Oh well, at least it is all sorted.  That's a huge step and if nothing else Ed and I can schlep them over on foot two or three loads at a time over the next couple of weeks.

Carri and Mom are going on down to Gerber CA tomorrow to visit family, attend a Bible Conference and a memorial service for Mom's brother's wife.  They will be back here on Sunday sometime and spend another night in the motel and some time with me before heading on back to Longview Monday afternoon.

I'm not sure Merlin knows who I am or else he is punishing me.  He's being standoffish and he anointed one of the trash bags full of laundry I was sorting and we had to dump the bag and toss it and get a fresh one.

It was almost 1am when my sister left here and then I had to hunt for my power cord and for the plugin in the dark corner of my office behind the bookshelf.  So I had to fudge the timestamp to get my Wednesday post.

And now I better go see if I can find the bed.  I didn't sleep well last night with my arm still hurting so bad and not being able to sleep on my right side and waking up every time I brushed the scraped skin against the blankets. Besides Carri and Mom will be over in the morning as soon as Mom gets up and ready to go.  Carri thought probably by 9am.

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Jamie 11/22/2012 3:54 PM  

I am glad you are home safe. As for Merlin, well like Nicholas does when I have been out of the same environment he comes up to sniff me, then he is standoffish because I do not smell the same. Perhaps, it is the same for you too. I love you a lot...

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