Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Serenity #296

For most of this entire month of July I have been consuming Stargate SG1 episodes at the rate of five or more per day. Or maybe a case could be made that they have been consuming me.

I started mid season 2 as that is where I'd left off last summer when something distracted me.  Probably my two month visit at Mom's last summer.  I just watched Season 6 Episode 12.  There are over 20 episodes per season.

For the majority of those hours I have been crocheting so it is not as terribly unproductive as it sounds.  I haven't really increased the number of viewing hours that much I've just, in the last two weeks, gone exclusively, obsessively SG1.

The storylines are invading my dreams.  Along with crochet stitches, thread, patterns and clickable browser images and text which tend to also be either SG1 or crochet related.

It's funny as I never paid SG1 much mind while it was actually being broadcast.  I am a Star Trek snob to a great extent and any other Sci-fi world must overcome much to draw me in.  Star Wars and Babylon 5 are two of the few that have before SG1.

One of the things I love about the show is all the subtle and not so subtle references to Star Trek.  Like someone during a moment of extreme danger on another planet saying "We might as well be wearing red shirts."  Or Col. O'Neill giving the name Captain James T. Kirk when being interrogated by American soldiers after they ended up trapped in 1969.  There are many more.  And I believe I caught a few that might be referencing other science fiction stories that I can't quite place.

My favorite character is Danny the archaeologist and language expert geek.  Who has made only one appearance this season after...well in the interest of no spoilers I'll just say he was written out of the script at the end of season 5 but has made one appearance this season and I sense his storyline is not finished.

What I've come to realize is that SG1 contains many of my 'shiver words' which is a term I picked up in a writer's craft book or blog sometime in the last year or so.  I wish I could remember where or had written it down in the notes where I listed my 'shiver words' as an exercise suggested by that source.  If I could remember I would credit them here.

At any rate, 'shiver words' are terms or concepts that have a depth of emotional resonance for you and are unique to individuals.

So some of my 'shiver words' found in the SG1 experience are:

stranger-in-a-strange-land phenomenon
comparative culture
Ancient Egypt
Space travel
alien cultures
languages spoken and written
geeks getting respect
bullies getting justice
political intrigue
spiritual journeys
ethical and moral dilemmas

There are more but I'm ready to get back to the story.

And the stitches.

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