Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday Serenity #293

I'm combating the heat-wave doldrums by goofing off--reading and makiing LOLs at, playing Word with Friends on fb, playing Spider solitaire, reading ebooks, streaming videos and crocheting.  Oh and sleeping through the hottest hours.  Today that was 3pm thru 10:30.  Tho I did get up to eat a couple of the bbq hot dogs ed made around 6pm.  His folks have given us their BBQ which means we don't have to use the oven inside on these hot days.

I don't know what the official temps were but the forecasts were for the high 90s and I'm sure it got there.  Plus the humidity was high as well and the air was still most of the time.  Even now as the clock ticks over past midnight I'm not feeling any movement of air from the open window beside me.

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