Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Power of Belief

iz sprawlgn in frunts ov fan wif mai eyz closd belifing iz at teh beech 

The heat continues to harass. But I may be acclimating.

 I didn't sleep through it this afternoon and evening.

 And since last night I slept until 2am I'm nearing 20 hours awake just as the house starts to feel tolerable. Now I'm not going to be able to spend the quiet and cool night with my favorite things--crochet, videos, reading, Spider Solitaire, writing...

Tradeoffs I guess.  I stayed up because I hated to quit crocheting on the mini-diaper bag sensing around  10am that I was near the end of the pink and white Catherine Wheel rows.  Sure enough, when I finished the row I was working on I compared its height to the gift bag that was the model and it is good to go.  Then of course I wanted to work on the bottom so I could fasten off the brown thread and bring it around to the top to start the mesh rows that will culminate in a drawstring top.

I had crocheted the bottom panel months ago and last month I crocheted it on in order to stop the hassle of the pink and white thread wrapping around the tube as I worked it.  For awhile there I kept the pink and white thread inside the bag as I continued to crochet up the sides.

For various reasons tho, I was unhappy with the look and feel of the bottom panel.  I decided to take it off and turn the tube inside out and reattach so the seam was hidden inside.  But once I had pulled out the stitches holding the panel on I discovered that I really disliked the panel itself.  Done in rows of double and triple crochet it was misshapen having gained over half an inch in width between the first and last end.

So I took the whole thing out and started over using the same 2 chain mesh that I'm planing to use for the top.  That will echo nicely I think.  The new bottom panel is more than half done now.  So I should be able to finish it and start the top section tomorrow.

But if I don't lay down soon I'll be waking up in the middle of the worst of the heat.  Just what I don't want.  I'll be lucky to remember my name let alone how to crochet the two chain mesh stitch.

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