Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Serenity #294

This has been the object of my obsession for the last week.  And about time.  I started this diaper bag in November shortly before the birth of my cousin's grand-daughter who was almost born on my own birthday.  I should have gotten obsessive like this while I was still in Longview so I would not now have to mail it when it is finished.  The baby girl is over six months old now and this will end up being her first purse instead of her diaper bag if I don't get with it.

The pink and white rows are done in Catherine Wheel stitch and the bottom and top in two-chain mesh.  I intend to double the height of the brown mesh at the top.  At least.  That will then sport a drawstring of pink and white ribbon.  But I'm also intending to make strap handles to mimic those gift-bag shaped diaper bags.  Those will be brown as well.  Or I might use a wide ribbon instead of crocheting them...

I've been making this up as I go from the get go.

This is a mini-diaper bag which would have been more useful for a  newborn.  It stands just under eight inches now, not including the brown.

I'm using Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Thread

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