Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy July 4th

At this moment I pity Lady Liberty/  Poor girl hasn't a single hand free to cover her ears!!!!

It's after 9pm here in the trailer park and the sparks are flying and the whizzers are whizzing and pops are popping and the kids are squealing and the adults are whooting and the M80s are booming.

Yeah those last are supposed to be illegal but when has that ever stopped them.  I can't remember a single 4th of July here or elsewhere when at least one of those didn't go off near enough for me to smell it for an hour after.

Do I sound peevish?  Not very Patriotic of me eh?

Well I've come a long way from the tantruming toddler who stood in her crib at 19 months screaming BOOM BOOM MAMA BOOM BOOM until nearly dawn.

And there went the M80.

Four Five Six Seven...

I was just getting ready to type that at least they were a block or more away and then two of them shook the windows.

Poor Merlin!!

Someone just set off a high-pitched whistler right out in the street.  I hope he isn't in my office with me as it sits on the edge of the street.  He was in here with me earlier but I don't see him now.  I suppose I should go check on him.  Maybe we can comfort each other.

Ahhhhh.  I didn't intend for this to be anything more than a pic and a caption.  Like a greeting card.  Sorry.  I guess I've let that toddler out a bit.  But a least she has a bigger vocabulary and all you can hear is the tapping on the keys.

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