Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crocheted Crafter's Tote--Beginnings

Here's the picture I should have provided for last night's post which included a fairly detailed description of the large crafter's tote I'm crocheting.  I won't repeat everything here but I must describe a few of the changes I have made to the design.  I warned yesterday that I was making it up on the go.

The 20x12s10 inch tote consists of two panels mimicking the look of a quilt and a Moibus strip in mesh that serves as bottom, side and shoulder strap.  Each panel will be built of strips like this one of 11 4x4 inch 'block's' with 11 pastel shades. The last color of each strip will start the next strip so the colored blocks will stair step.  Each strip will be done in a different crochet stitch making this a sort of sampler.  There will be 8 strips so 8 stitches.  3 laying horizontal on the front/side panel and 5 laying vertical on the back/flap panel.

The major change I made to the design since last night was to increase the size of the font panel from five vertical strips of 3 to 3 horizontal strips of 11.  But there will still be only 5 blocks across the front as each side will have 3 wrapping around in front of of the mesh Moibus strip to create pockets.

I still haven't settled on all of the 8 stitches.  I've decided tho that this chain mesh strip will be the bottom of the front panel and the middle one will be straight single crochet and the top one filet which is essentially a double crochet mesh.  All 5 of the back/flap panel strips will have textured stitches--bobbles, beads, shells, waves,loops, cross, post, track and such.  I'm still dithering on which ones partly because I need to make a couple of practice swatches of some of the stitches I'm considering that I've never tried before.

As you can see having reached past the middle of the sixth 'block' in this strip I've passed it's halfway point.  The next color is coral and my only coral is still attached to the diaper bag project although the crocheting is essentially finished on it.  I have just been reluctant to cut it loose until I'm sure I don't want to add another round to the ruffle.  I should have finished that project up before starting this one.  *sigh*  I still need to tuck tails and make the strap handles which are going to be made from a stiff ribbon with buttons sewn on for attaching to the bag making them removable.  Feeling a bit guilty about neglecting that project which is already past due (the baby is over 6 mo now) I made myself work on it for a bit today.  Sort of.  I sorted buttons trying to settle on which ones I would use.

It got hot again the last couple of days.  But only low to mid 90s not the high 90s and triple digits of the heatwave the week after the 45h.  It has been on the edge of tolerable in the late afternoon and early evening.  Heat zaps my energy.  But it is getting better so I must be acclimating some.  I've learned some good coping tactics.  Freezing wet strips of cloth to pull out and wrap around my neck.  Cuddling a frozen gel pack.  Cuddling a frozen water bottle and drinking from it as it melts.  Spraying water on my face, hair and shirt and sitting in font of the fan.  Sleeping through the hottest hours.  Wearing a wet shirt.  Am thinking about freezing a wet T shirt :)

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