Thursday, June 28, 2012

Web Wrangled and Browser Bullied

ai doan alwaz mess wif teh webz
but wen ai do all teh spidybots deh runz an hydz 

This has been another one of those days!

I woke this afternoon to the news that we had no internet.

The connection we've been using since March has been our landlord's next door via wifi but the wifi he was using wasn't his but a guest's who moved out this week.

Ed was going to give him the wifi box we bought in 2009 for my six month stay at my mom's after her stroke which we didn't need after all so the brand new wifi had sat in its box on a shelf since then.  But we couldn't find it.  We spend hours and hours between us on Tuesday and Wednesday looking for it but it is playing hide-and-go-seek with us like several other things since our move in December.

Like my library card for example.

So Ed bought a new one.  But apparently it wasn't the right one.  So our landlord exchanged it for the right one.  But he didn't get the thing working until after 11pm.  Ed had to go to bed at 7 as he'd been awake since 4am.  So the landlord brought the password over to me at about 11:05 and two minutes later I was logged in to Blogger and setting up a draft.

But I had a bunch of other things I wanted to do before I started writing the post--checking email, fb and chatting with my sis.  Well we played Word with Friends rather than chat.

Anyway by the time I got back to the post the browser was apparently done being cooperative and would not let me do anything and kept giving me the option of 'kill page' or 'wait' and because I had the draft open and was not sure if I'd saved it after setting the time stamp I did not want to 'kill page' so I waited....and waited.....and waited.............and waited.

I tried to load Blogger in a separate tab to check on the draft in the 'all posts' menu where I could see it's timestamp but that page would not load either. Neither would the dashboard.  So I decided to Google if Blogger was down but altho the Google home loaded it would not perform a search.  Which indicated to me the problem was with the browser.

I finally gave up and shut the browser down entirely and waited five minutes before bringing it back.  At that point Blogger loaded fine and my draft was there with time stamp intact.  If only I'd done that an hour ago as now Ed is going to be up any minute and taking over the bandwidth for his game until he has to leave for work.

And I'll of course be tempted to wait until he leaves so I can get back on to do something fun like stream a video which will mean I'll still be awake after the sun lights up the bedroom which will make sleeping at all problematic.

Yep.  Ed's up.  It is after 4am--Friday.

So for the next two hours I can't do anything more bandwidth intensive than email.  But I do have some of that to tend to since I didn't get to Thursday afternoon.  And there are ebooks to read, news pods (already downloaded) to watch, my fiction files to fiddle with, book reviews to write....

And I could go to bed.  I should go to bed.

But I probably won't.

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