Thursday, June 21, 2012

At a Loss

ai doan offn git lost but wen ai du iam gud und lost 

 Loss seems to be the theme of the day.

I'm at a loss for what to post because I'd reserved today's post for the review of Josh Henkin's The World Without You which is a story that is a meditation on loss as a family gathers for the one year anniversary of their brother/son/husband/father's death in Iraq and each member struggles with personal losses, chief among them marital harmony.

But I didn't finish the book yet.  As I lost too much time to a search for my lost library card which I haven't seen since our move the day after Christmas to the brain fogging effects of the heat, and to tending to a stubbed toe which is likely to loose it's nail which has lost its grip on its bed and keeps loosing its bandaid and starts bleeding again when I keep restubbing it usually on the cat who seems to think he's going to loose me again if he doesn't walk an inch in front of my toes.

And during the search for the library card I lost the LED light I was using to search the shelves under my desk and the boxes in the closet and lost an hour in looking for it without its help, finding it finally in a box on the back edge of the shelf under my desk.  (the 'desk' being a board across two bookshelves turned to face each other)

And while tending to my toenail I lost more time in a search the anti-bacterial salve that was nowhere to be found and I could not remember having seen it since the move either.

And to add insult to injury I've lost hours--the entire night actually--while working on this post to a bratty browser that kept freezing me out, to a mysterious download and to several brief losses of internet connection.  And now it is nearly

Of all the losses tho the one that has me the most anxious is the library card as between the move and Xmas prep in December and the several months stay at my Mom's between then and now I've not been able to send for any of the dozens of books I've got bookmarks in for six months.  I'm going to loose my memory of what's what and have to start most of them over.dawn.

Now Ed is up and brewing his coffee.  The birds are singing and I've got to decide whether I'd get more use out of these cool hours by reading, writing, crocheting or sorting boxes and bags from the move and the trip hoping to find the library card, the anti=bacterial salve and the numerous other things I've lost track of during the move or the trips to Mom's

Or would I do better by catching up on all the lost sleep before the bedroom looses its cool and sense of identity and begins practicing its imitation of an oven.

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