Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Serenity #290

No that's not a cushion on the seat of the chair.  That's Merlin.
When I'm sitting in the chair he is often up on the pillow behind my back.
A room of my own--a thing of beauty and a joy that's all Joy's.

It doesn't look like this right now as I've not begun to unpack and am in no hurry about it.  But I will resemble this again by the end of the week.

Alone.  By myself.

If only I wasn't too exhausted to enjoy it.

Sleep now and tomorrow night watch out!!

I'm home!!

Am too hot and tired to have much to say.

And in pain.

I tripped over a box at 5am at Mom's while carrying a bowl of cereal with milk on it in my left hand and a hanger with my outfit for travel today in the other.  Miraculously I did not spill a drop of milk.  But by catching myself by the right hand against a doorjamb I took a major jarring up my arm and a whiplash to the neck.

And unrelated to the rest of this I'm being driven crazy by noise in my ears and it's been going on for weeks.  Sometimes it is louder than others and today it is really loud.  It's like loud surf or wind in the right ear and a car alarm or musicians tuning fork in the other.  It invades my dreams.  When it lets me sleep in the first place.

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