Saturday, June 30, 2012

The June WriMos Wrap Up

Camp NaNoWriMmo 2012
Well I did not do nearly as well as I'd hoped when I signed up.  Life, as I said before, threw curve balls.  Starting with getting home a week later than anticipated.

So it was fairly amazing I got any word count at all.  And technically I'm not sure all of what I'm counting qualifies since most of it isn't scene work.  I counted every note and notation I made on the notepad I used for the story dreaming w/notepad handy ROW80 goal and every notation I made in the fiction files as I fiddled with them.  A lot of that was character sketches and timeline/event notes.
JuNoWriMo 2012

But I've been told that I'm too much of a stickler about what counts as word count and thus by some lights I may be undercounting.

I guess the point is that I did write in my fiction files.  I did dream in my story world with writing implements at hand and I did so habitually.

I'm going to participate in the August Camp NaNoWriMo and hope to make the 50 as I've done regularly in November for half a decade.

ROW80 round 3 for the year and my first full round begins on Monday.  My goals for it are in yesterday's post.  I did not put word count as a stated goal yet but will probably add it around the first of August.

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