Thursday, June 14, 2012


So I finally finished Mom's Mother's Day present.  I put the last stitches in the ruffled edge on the silk scarf just before dinner.

I've been saying for weeks how the whole thing would fit in a teacup because I could ball it up inside one fist up until the last row or two around before the ruffle.  I couldn't get the image of it inside a teacup out of my head so I was going to try it but while looking for one I found this crystal water glass about the size of a coffee mug.
Here it is draped over Mom's recliner showing off it's ruffles and width and to some extent it's length.  It is over five feet long and just under a foot wide when the mesh is stretched out into squares.

The mesh is made with the love knot aka Solomon knot.  The ruffle with a modified shell stitch--four double crochet on either side of a chain stitch inside a two-chain loop that I crocheted around the edge first as the love knots were too big to confine the shell stitch so it just spread out into a plain double crochet with occasional spaces and didn't look good at all.

I began this project in the car on the way up here a few days before Mother's Day.

Speaking of which...

My plans to return home last weekend got put on hold and it was looking good for this Saturday until this evening when my sister discovered her son had a birthday party to go to on Saturday so wouldn't be able to stay with Mom for several hours and the back-up people that come sit with her occasionally are all busy with Father's Day events all week-end.

We are looking at Sunday though.  Which is just as well as I didn't start packing today as I'd intended being so intent on finishing the scarf and was starting to panic a bit.

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