Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Serenity #203

Hanging with two of my favorite things.

In Merlin's case that would be the fluffy blanket and the fluffy string.

In mine that would be Mers and the crochet fluffy string or not.

The pic was taken yesterday as I was setting up shots of my current crochet projects for yesterday's post. I spread the blanket as backdrop to cover all the ugliness of the unmade bed. Merlin seemed to be under the impression that I was making a bed for him as he walked into the middle and lay down every single time. And every time I lifted him off he hooked a claw into the blanket dragging it with him.

Finally he became distracted by something going on in the neighbor's driveway and stay up n the widow long enough for me to get the shots of the bookmarks and the place mat which may become vase mat, book cover, notebook cover, or netbook cover since I'm no longer sure I want to commit to four more of something that forces me to work for fifty, sixty hours apiece with the same six colors.

So I got three shots set up and taken before Merlin took interest again and when he got in the middle of spreading out the blue shawl I gave up and let him be in the shot rather than risk a snag or waste more minutes not to mention the aggravation.

That skein is what is left of the forth one. My original plan was to crochet rows to the end of the forth skein and buy the fifth for the fringe on the two ends. But I balked at the $6 that skein would cost seeing how I'd only use a few yards and then have the rest left over which isn't enough to make anything except maybe a hat which I don't know how to do and am not about to practice on this textured yarn. So I decided to wait and see how long the shawl was by the time I got close to the end of the forth skein. Maybe I could take the fringe yards off the end of it or maybe do without a fringe or maybe the sale price which we paid for the first two skeins would return closer to the holidays.

As it happens I think it is now nearly long enough so I'll either stop after a few more rows and start making the fringe or I'll go ahead and put in the rows until I reach the end and then take them out one at a time until I have enough for the fringe. That last option would ensure I had nothing left which is optimal as I hope never to work with this type yarn again.

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