Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Dysfunction of Multifunction

ai fot u cudnt play wit me cuz u wuz bizee writn storee but u playn wit deese fwends who cant eben tank u with a nice nose nip

What to do, what to do. When the tool the writer uses to write is also an entertainment center, game room, social hangout, news outlet, real time communication tool, researching and reference resource etc etc ad infinitum.

In its war against self-discipline procrastination has advanced its arsenal and escalated its tactics. Will self-discipline hold its ground? Does it need weapons R & D? Or only better use of the tried and true?

Maybe it would help to create a separate account on the computer that does not have admin privileges and then deny it access to the net and all but the minimum number of aps--word processor and dictionary and mind map say--using the parental controls.

But one would still have to have the self-discipline to log out of the admin privileged desktop and onto the 'child's' and not switch back. And there are still plenty of things one can do on a word processor that amounts to nothing but procrastination.


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