Monday, November 22, 2010

It's That Bad

Have u ever smelt a smell so bad that your nose  tried to hide inside your head?

Between the clothes in the full hamper in the closet directly behind my desk and the litter box at the foot of the bed my nose has been beleaguered by the aura of hell. I hate to confess for how long. Between NaNo and this swing shift Ed is on I've had more than the usual difficulty finding an opportunity to do laundry and other room chores.

Ed folks had not gone out of town overnight for a couple months which is my preferred set up for tackling the room chores. And no it has not been that long since we tackled them. But it has been hit and miss since late September for it is hard to find the time when these prerequisites hold long enough to sort, prep ie stain removal, wash, dry, fold, put away one or more loads: 1. Ed is awake. 2. I am awake. 3. Ed's folks are awake. 4. The washer and dryer are not in use. 5 Ed's Mom is not doing chores that have her moving about the house (with my eyes there isn't room in this small trailer for both of us to be moving about--especially up and down the hallway) 6 I have the energy.

Today Ed woke me on his way out the door for work about 2pm to tell me that his folks had left town until tomorrow afternoon. Since that moment over ten hours ago (actually over 12 hours ago as I wrap up this post) I've been working at laundry and room clutter. I began by moving my netbook and books and sewing out to the living room where I'm set up to work or play while waiting on loads. Then I sat with my coffee and breakfast to watch a movie and wake up thoroughly before pulling the laundry out of the hamper and sorting it and treating stains.

My efforts today have been slow going and frequent breaks required. I've been hampered by the effects of a jarring Monday afternoon when I bounced off the door jamb moments after waking up. I hit it sideways with my right shoulder and today I am sore from neck to hip from the whiplash. Stiffness and pain throw me off balance. I have some dizziness too but am not sure if that's related to the jarring, sinuses, or the inactivity of the last several weeks.

At any rate, I've got one load out of the dryer with the second one just beeping its ready for the dryer and two on the floor. I need to get a shower before I do those two loads as I'm wearing things that need to go in them if I'd like to have them available again before the end of the year. :)

Ed is home again now and already asleep so I can't mess around in the room until he gets up after 8am. I usually try to lay down between 5 and 6 so I can be awake before he leaves but if I lay down before he gets up he'll have to call me by 10 so I can move everything back into the room and put it away. Since I'm usually quite inefficient if not an accident waiting to happen for an hour or two after waking, I'm probably not going to lay down until I get it all put away. Which probably means at least 10am.

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