Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What's Your Swoon Factor?

Heaven or Hell? Real or What? The 'answer' is in the comments discussion at Overkill 9000! click the image.

Found this image on one of the sites in the Cheezeburger network (of LOLcat fame) called Overkill 9000! with tagline, Everything in excess, including excess. Fun site. Some ROFLOL excess. But this image haunted me for days and got me thinking.

At sight of this picture with it's title question, Is this Heave? a couple tunes started playing in my head in endless loops of partial phrases. "I'm in heaven... I'm in heaven..."

Then I realized that books have always had a stronger swoon factor with me than boys or men.

I wish I had the know-how to make a video to accompany those two tunes that would reflect that but in the meantime:

I was working on another post but could see I wasn't going to get it done before midnight so I decided to have some fun with this.

1 tell me a story:

Jamie 6/09/2010 9:30 AM  

wow, that would be your heaven. i'd be afraid that they would fall on me, and then i'd wonder how am i gonna read all of them before i'm dead. we all have our dream, yours is great literature. boys and men don't cause me to swoon either, not sure what does. that's something to explore. lol

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