Tuesday, June 22, 2010

West Wing Rapt

Have watched 33 episodes of West Wing in the last 44 hours. All of season 2 and half of 3. Really want to get back to the story. And not just because the DVD sets from the library are going overdue at midnight. My head and heart are owned by the story. It's going to be hard when that sixth disc finishes. But at least my account shows season 4 as shipped so I should have it Monday if not Thursday.

That top vid was the finale scene of season 2 and it has not been doctored. It really was like a music video set to the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. And boy was I glad I was able to pop disc 1 of season 3 in immediately after that. Much better than waiting two weeks as I did after the finale of season 1. But of course everyone who watched it when it aired had to wait weeks between episodes and whole summers between seasons.

The next three vids are just examples of the smart, fast paced dialog, the sense of humor and the camaraderie of the cast that all contributes to the story being so captivating.

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