Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Forays in Fiction: Where Do You Get Your Stories?

I've been working on a book review for this post for several days but kept getting interrupted. Last night by the unexpected email I posted about yesterday. This afternoon by an unexpected phone call from my sister asking for my help with a project our nephew was working on for his Dad's Father's Day gift: a collage of pictures from his childhood to serve as a desktop image for the new laptop he got him and which he wanted to present to him when he gets home from work at midnight tonight.

In case it's not clear, this is my brother's son. And they called me because I already have most of the family pictures scanned into my computer. So I set about going through my scan files and emailing likely candidates to my nephew. This is the nephew who is in the middle of his second tour as an Army Medic in Iraq. He is home on leave and heading back next month. He was supposed to finish his tour in August but they've extended it and gave him the nearly month long leave instead.

So I spent most of the last 7 hours 3pm-10pm on this project and my eyes are smarting. So I needed to come up with an easier post and I remembered one time doing a Friday Foray's post that was on the theme of finding stories in photos which was inspired by my work with these family photos. And I decided that would be fun to do again and found five fresh photos that range across time between WWI and the 1970s featuring three generations.

Something about gazing at these pictures inspires my muse. What about yours?

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