Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Serenity #184

Just finished watching the 7 part HBO John Adams mini-series this morning and I was noticing throughout how much reading and writing by candlelight and firelight they had to do. Because of my visual impairment I have to be grateful that I live in time when very bright reading lamps are available. Yet I couldn't help but note the serenity of some of the scenes depicting books by candlelight.

BTW I high recommend that mini-series. Besides being a very good story it is very educational.

I have the book by David McCullough on which the mini-series was based check out of the library at the moment. Now I'm really hoping I can get to it before I leave for Longview next month for my 4-6 week visit with my Mom and siblings and families. But it is one of many books and DVD I have such hopes for and there isn't enough time for all of them.

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