Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movie Night

I finished season 3 of The West Wing about 7AM this morning. Had begun season 2 Sunday night. Both were due Tuesday and must be in the library drop box by 10AM tomorrow. Along with four other DVD each featured here.

Just watched Up In the Air with Ed this evening. Great story. Had not realized it was based on a novel and now Ive got to read it of course. Thank goodness our library has it too.

Monster Ball is up next. As soon as I post.

Then Patti Smith: Dream of Life. A documentary of the punk rock poet produced by Steven Sebring.

In looking for a trailer about Ken Burns' National Parks series I discovered what looks like the opportunity to watch the entire thing online courtesy of PBS. All I have is the third of six discs and was in queue a long time for it and had no control over which disc comes to me each time I get in queue. I'm hoping I'm reading this right but I think I can relax about getting back in queue for more of the discs and possibly about watching this one before 10AM

I have more DVD waiting for me at the library. Including Season 4 of The West Wing. Band of Brothers. Coraline. Curb Your Enthusiasm season 1. Mlk. and Prime.

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