Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Read, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

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moar funny pictures

NaNo aftershock slowly wearing off. I'm cutting myself some slack. Today's main task was to get all my library book records updated. I slacked off a bit on keeping track of the items checked out and items requested on our two accounts over the last several weeks. Just one of the many small tasks that accumulate fast with exponential repercussions when neglected. One of the repercussions of this was the arrival of several longish novels I'd been in queue for within a couple weeks of each other. The line is growing behind me on each of them so they won't renew which means any I don't finish I'll have to get back in line for--with an average of two months wait for another turn.

When I'm on top of things I will stay aware of where I am in line for each of several dozen items and when I reach first or second place I will evaluate whether I currently have time for it or wish to prioritize it over books already checked out and if not I deactivate my request without loosing my place in line. Then when I am certain I'm ready I reactivate and am immediately back in first or second place.

For the first two weeks of November I was automatically deactivating any novels with a queue as my turn approached because I knew I wouldn't be reading much fiction during NaNo. Then I got lax and now I have several novels which won't renew coming due in the same three week period as several other books (novels, NF and short story collections) that have run out of their allowed renewals.

This coincides with my decision to feast on fiction in the first week or two after NaNo though. I'd already been planning to so this just puts different books at the top of the TBR. First I must finish the novel I started on Thanksgiving Day because it was due Monday and it is on Ed's card. Then there is one short NF and one 300+ page novel with long queues due tomorrow. I can keep them until Monday morning without a fine so I'm thinking that if I can get them both started and 50 pages into the novel by afternoon I have a shot at finishing both before Ed leaves for work Monday morning. That will leave me with two novels with queues and 30 other books not renewing in the following three weeks--by the 28th.

Of course there is no way I can read that many books in three weeks. So I'm already stressing over which ones get sent back unfinished or even never cracked open.

Well the sooner I finish that overdue book (80 pages) the sooner I can start the next one.

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