Thursday, December 10, 2009

Boom Boom

if u not dummer dan goggie u lern how 2 heel an nawt b trippn ova me all da timez
moar funny pictures

I tripped over my cat this evening. Fall down go boom. Literally. Boom. Twice. Fell full out flat in hall between washer and wall with left arm crossed over ribs and right arm flapping to side and thumping side of washer--first boom. Hit floor chest first, knocking wind out of me--second boom.

Made pretty interesting percussion sounds--still got the drumming on my mind :)

Merlin likes to escort me through the house. He takes the lead and does a lazy S shaped zig-zag right in front of my feet. I've been afraid something like this was going to happen. I've kicked into him a few times. Not always so gently. You'd think he'd learn not to do that.

I thumped him pretty good this time too and fell on him. I felt him trapped between my crossed ankles as I was going down. I was afraid I'd really hurt him but then before I could suck in a good breath I heard him galumphing back down the hall and into the kitchen. He hid for a good fifteen minutes. Wouldn't come to my call. But when he finally did he was walking normal. No limps or favoring of limbs, no pulling away as I ran my hands over his neck, ribs, belly. He must be feeling it though. And he's been exceptionally clingy all evening.

Well, I'm going to turn in early again tonight. Though I'll probably read for awhile snuggled in layers of fleece. I just don't dare get chilled now. These jarring incidents tend to trigger major pain cycles. I'm already having trouble with the mouse.

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