Saturday, December 12, 2009

Can't Turn These Pages Fast Enough

rnt u redy 2 turn da page yet? nao? wel hurreez up!1!
moar funny pictures

I'm reading a mystery novel--The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny--and now is not a good time to stop turning the pages. Besides I'm still not up to long stints at keyboard and mouse. Hoping tomorrow will be better as this was second full day since my fall Thursday evening and day 2 is notoriously the worst. Got a huge bruise over the knuckles of my right hand from thumping the washer on the way to floor and another one on my left wrist under my watch which I had to take off. So far those are the only two visible bruises but every joint, muscle and ligament from my neck to my ankles is screaming bloody murder. It's a total mystery how I didn't break any bones. Mine or Merlin's. Merlin is still acting clingy which is out of character for him. Not that he's allowing cuddles but he lays about and sleeps within touching distance and if I move he moves until some part of him is touching me.

Did he learn his lesson? No. He still opts to 'escort' me down that narrow hall, waiting outside the bathroom door for me, dodging between my feet etc. Good thing I'm moving extra slow or it might have happened again. Once today as I was passing the couch on the way to the hall, I picked him up and carried him until I reached the bathroom door. Not a real solution though.

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