Thursday, December 31, 2009


wai u no letz me halps? ai b xlant pakr
moar funny pictures

All but the last minute items are packed. I've been at it for over fifteen hours today. Can't remember how much time I spent on it yesterday--four or five maybe. I'm not saying I never took breaks during those fifteen hours today. But I never really stopped thinking and planning even when sitting down.

A lot of the work I did today was not the true packing. I first had to sort and organize bunches of stuff, then set the things to go aside and then start packing the designated bags and when they filled up, start winnowing. I was setting limits on myself and although I am still taking more than my FIL thinks is reasonable it is less than a quarter of what I took a year ago when planning to be away for months.

Here is the list of bags each with a designated category:

  • One medium duffel for clothes and shoes
  • One hanging bag for hanger clothes and jackets (not really a bag but a raincoat enclosing the clothes)
  • Two bags of sewing. One less than half the size of the other which is a beachbag
  • One small bag of dirty clothes (no time for laundry this week). And the smaller sewing bag fits inside atop the laundry. So that consolidates two into one tho it breaks the theme.
  • One computer bag (am taking my laptop so my sister can make inquiries on how/if we can get the files off)
  • One smallish book bag containing more reference than free reading. Also loaners I'm returning and others I'm lending
  • One HABA (Health and Beauty Aides) aka bathroom bag (large purse size)
  • One notebook bag containing the paper files pertaining to my WIP and misc office supplies. Largish attache size
  • One small box the size of a briefcase containing drum kit
  • One small purse
I really miss not being able to snap pics on a whim and upload them from camera to laptop to blog in minutes. Ed hasn't introduced my camera to his laptop yet. I could have taken pictures of the packing process and of the packed bags but even better of Merlin who was 'helping'. Altho I captioned the LOL at top of post, I did not take that picture. I spent an hour trolling the pictures on looking for one of a cat in a suitcase or duffle.

Merlin, our cat, knows something is up. He was all over the place. Did more running today than I've seen him do in months. He chased his little ring a ding balls all over the house, entertaining Ed's Mom and Dad. He chased shadows. He chased wrinkles in the bedding and in the clothing I was trying to pack. He chased and grabbed at the crochet thread I was rolling onto a smaller tube.

Well I've been awake since 4AM and I just heard the neighborhood erupt in hoots and hollers. Lots a horn honking and whistling. Must be 2010 already.

We were supposed to leave here at 10AM but we couldn't get one of my prescriptions renewed until after ten tomorrow so we'll be hitting the freeway a bit later than planned.

By this time tomorrow I ought to be in Longview at my Mom's.

I don't know what my computer usage is going to look like once there so bear with me. I hope to be able to maintain a daily post. I just can't promise they'll all have hours invested in them.

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