Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We Miss You Sweetie

You were a sweatheart. You were loved. Rest in peace sweet girl.

The house and yard feel so empty today.

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Debs Desk 8/26/2009 6:41 PM  

I am so sorry for you.

Joy Renee 8/26/2009 10:48 PM  

Thanks Deb. I'm still reeling. Living with Sweetie these past eight years has cured me of the life-long fear of dogs precipitated by having my fingers bitten by my Aunt's lapdog at age 4.

I will miss her so much. But I know she was in some pain this past year. She was almost 20.

Marjorie/cenya2 8/27/2009 12:29 PM  

I am terribly sorry your dog passed away.
My little girl (shih tzu) is
sick with a tumor on her heart,
these little ones are angels
from God, they give and give.
Hugs from me. Marjorie

Joy Renee 8/27/2009 5:03 PM  

Marjorie: I'm so sorry to hear about your little one. I lost my beloved furbaby Gremlyn (an Abysinian/Siamese)in 2006 to tumors on her mammary glands. I was distraught for weeks before and after her passing. Watching her decline was so hard. I still miss her. Sometimes she shows up in a dream so real that waking up feels like loosing her all over again.

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