Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Eyes Have It

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Or rather have had it.

I was working on a book review for this post but have run out of time and my eyes are having a hissy fit.

Any other night I might just take a half hour break and come back to working the review but I have an ophthalmologist appointment in less than 12 hours (it's actually after 3AM Wednesday morning tho the date stamp reflects when I opened this post) so I can't push my lay down time much further let alone past dawn as I have been since I'm going to have to set my alarm for noon in order to get ready for it.

This appointment is primarily about having a look at the cataract on my right eye and then scheduling its removal. But I'm sure he will want to have a look at the current state of the RP damage to both eyes as well. This will be my first visit to an ophthalmologist in over eight years. Which is hardly recommended for someone dealing with a degenerative eye condition.

I don't know how realistic my hopes are but I'm hoping the surgery can be scheduled soon enough that I can have my new prescription glasses before NaNo starts November 1. Else participating in NaNo is going to be a huge frustration. I've barely been hanging on to a daily posting regimen here of late.

Reading with my right eye has become all but impossible and when I try anyway I pay a price in eyestrain, headaches and nausea.

I can read with my left but the RP damage is worse in it and limits me to reading a single short word at a time. Which feels very limiting to someone who once read whole lines at a glance. Getting this cataract removed will not bring back my heyday of 1000 wds per minute but it just might allow me to return to the fifty pages per hour I was still able to do five years ago before this cataract encroached on the center vision of my right eye and essentially cut my already limited field of vision in half or worse. Currently I'm averaging 20 pages an hour on a good day. But seldom can last out a full hour without a break.

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