Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the Running?

ai cloz mai eyz n u no seez me K?
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This is one of the LOLs I captioned last week and its possible that its in the running for making it onto the front page of LOLcats. When I was voting on LOLs the other day it came up in the mix and it had 19 votes then. Today it came up when I was perusing the upcoming pics. In the top fifty pages of them. I'm not sure if it's position is more related to time of creation or number of votes it holds. I know it has been favorited by at least two users. It is one of six of mine that have been favorited by 22 users. I've identified three of the other five that have been favorited but the only way to do that it seems is to wade through the favorites of your fan to locate the one you made. That's doable when the fan has under a hundred favorites but not so much when they have over a thousand. (I guess I'm not as obsessed as I thought?)

I'm not sure what the difference is between voting on the voting section at LOLcats and clicking on the cheezeburger images on the picture's home page because there it shows only two votes. If you'd like to go check it out and maybe click on a cheezeburger (rate it) here it is.

And check out my other creations here.

Two weeks ago I didn't care much about being favorited or making the front page. I'd been captioning LOLs for months for fun, for use as e-cards around holidays, birthdays and other events, to head a post here and so forth. There was no evidence that any of them had been viewed by anyone. Then all of the sudden I go from zero fans to 22 in just over a week and four of the dozen or so that I've captioned in the last two weeks have been favorited. Now I'm finding myself thrilled at the thought of one of mine hitting the front page. Silly me. There are so many more important things to be thinking about right now.

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