Monday, August 17, 2009

Story Binge

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Got a story binge going on. All weekend it was those DVDs needing to go back to the library this morning. Now I'm getting back to the novel I set aside on Thursday night to favor the DVDs. Patricia A. McKillip's The Bell at Sealey Head

Also I'm feeling the urge to be writing my own stories again. Have even been fiddling in my fiction files off and on for over a week now. So I want to be spare with the words and time for this post so that the quiet and cool of my precious night work session can be used for story reading and writing.

Temps hit the 90s again today and are headed for the 100s for the next several days and there is going to be a shortage of ice tomorrow because the trailer park management is shutting off the water at 11PM tonight so the pipes can empty for the repair crew to start work just after sun-up. This means the icemaker in the freezer can't build up a supply overnight for the day's usage of four people.

The water usually is back on before noon but on a day when it's likely to hit 80 degrees before noon its no fun to be stuck in a tin box with no ice, no cooler and no flushing of the toilet used by four adults for going on twelve hours. I think I'll plan on sleeping through it from around dawn on.

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