Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Serenity #140

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I'm chillin with story today. Watching DVD and reading a novel and fiddling in my own fiction files. I must be done with the DVD before Ed leaves for work in the morning as they must be in the drop box before the library opens to avoid the fines. Have two movies to go. Finally finished with the forty some episodes of Keeping Up Appearances along with the special features on each disc--well over 1300 minutes of viewing and at least ten episodes I saw twice because I urged Ed to watch them and of course had to watch with him in order to participate in his reaction. Many much needed belly laughs ensued. Somehow its even funnier when sharing. Also it funner to be able to let loose with a roar and not have to stifle your laughter for fear of waking some one sleeping a foot away. (I still woke him several times by the jiggling of the bed. One can laugh silently if they must but its more impossible to control the spasms of laughter than it is to control a sneeze.

I say chillin and used that LOLcat pic because I'm trying hard to think cool. The temps are on the rise again after a several day reprieve. We dipped down into the 7os after that heat wave but are now headed back to 100 plus. Ugh.

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