Saturday, November 15, 2008

Writers Helping a Writer

Pssst! Help Zette.

I'm still not feeling up to writing or putting together a major post but I remembered this from a Holly Lisle newsletter awhile back that I meant to post about at the time and forgot. Mea culpa.

Lazette Gifford has given of herself unstintingly to run the Forward Motion writer's community for free. Thousands have benefited from her efforts. Now she needs a little help to get through a cold Nebraska winter. A leaky roof, broken water pipe and dead furnace among other things is making that a challenging proposition for her family.

Holly set up a way to help. Please click on the picture above to find out all about it.

At the very least you could pass on the message. Holly is hosting the image and provides the code for it on the page it links to. So click over at take a look.

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