Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #113

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The American Journey of Barack Obama
Gods Behaving Badly
Lost and Found.

Well even tho my chances of winning NaNo are about the same as me getting one of those bailouts I'm still plugging away at it so it's time for another one of those silly author/title combos from that eleven page list someone emailed me several years ago. We're breaking out of the Hs into the Is...

The Next Thirteen Silly Author/Title Combos

  1. Hunger In America: Heywood Jafeedme
  2. Hypnotism by N. Tranced
  3. I Beat Bobby Fischer: Jess Player
  4. I Can Fix It: Jerry Rigg
  5. I Can't See The Difference: Sam Ting
  6. I Didn't Do It! by Ivan Alibi
  7. I Hate Monday Mornings by Gaetan Oop
  8. I Hate the Sun by Gladys Knight
  9. I Hit the Wall by Isadore There
  10. I Like Fish by Ann Chovie
  11. I Like Liquor by Ethyl Alcohol
  12. I Like Weeding Gardens by Manuel Labour
  13. I Lived in Detroit by Helen Earth

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