Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Serenity #102

I went looking for something featuring autumn foliage and found this. I loved the pics in the slide show but I also loved the music and had never heard of Lake of Tears before. So I clicked on another. This one:

because it was blue and had 'blue' in the title. I'm partial to blue. I happened to also like this song but neither that nor the 'blue' factor is why I'm posting it.

I'm posting it in honor of my nephew who is serving as an army medic in Bagdad. He is totally into dragons. He has just completed his first full year over there and gets to come home for a few weeks soon but then has to go back.

After that vid, I clicked on several more that were not so much to my liking--too cacophonous, too much screeching of voices and instruments. I eventually saw one where the band was identified as Heavy Metal--ah, so that's why I'd never heard of them. Who knew I would like any songs by a heavy metal group?

Let alone three.

I love the melody of this one. But I'm posting it as much for the awesome landscape slideshow it is accompanying.

Music and scenery are two access points to serenity for me.

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