Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where's My Word Count?!!

That little go-around between Family Guy's Stewie and Brian is a perfect depiction of what it is like inside my head right now. This being day six of NaNoWriMo and me having zero word-count since Sunday that tyrant (Stewie) side of me is raging on that wimpy, dreamy, excuse-making (Brian) side of me. Substitute the words 'where's my word count' for 'where's my money' and the rest about sums it up.

Never mind that the power went off here Sunday night for over five hours right during my prime work session. Never mind that all sides of me seemed to be in agreement Monday evening that I should just accept that I wasn't going to stray out of earshot of the TV for the duration of the election so I might as well relax into it. Since it was research for my NaNo novel after all. Never mind that I woke with a near migraine Wednesday that didn't lift until late Thursday. All I get is WHERE'S MY WORD COUNT? from the tiny tyrant delighting in playing gotcha with me after suckering me into believing he was cool with me taking a day off Monday which has now turned into three and probably four unless I can make something happen tonight.

But the wimpy side of me is whining about how the day after a headache leaves me depleted of IQ.

Excuses, excuses. So many excuses. On days like this I wonder why I bother to participate in NaNo. On days like this I wonder why I would still be contemplating doubling down by joining the forth round of 70 Days of Sweat SIMULTANEOUSLY with NaNo! On days like this I wonder why I want to be a writer in the first place.

Bring on the blowtorch Stewie.

Is there a Word Bank somewhere that I could make a withdrawal from? Does it possibly have an ATM?

Never mind. It would just confiscate my card anyway.

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