Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Poetry Train #65

The Scope of Hope

by Joy Renee

Hope: the path
Forward my feet trod
In joy shod.

It's 8:05 PM PST
November 4, 2008
and I'm crying as if my heart is breaking.
But the feeling is the opposite of grief.
It is joy. It is relief.
It is like a mending of the shattering--
the gathering and fusing of the parts,
of the many scattered shards
of my heart.

This freight of dreams we must
remember--for posterity's sake--
long time coming, swift appears to exclaiming
cheers, but the feeling is ephemeral, brief.
It is joy. It is relief.
It's a commending to our hands, for sheltering
against extinguishing, this precious spark
now shared among scattered hearts,
this our hope.

Inspired hearts
Conjoined in hope
Effect change.


I reworked and expanded the piece I began in the minutes after the election results were announced last week. In order to balance out the opening haiku, I added to the ending the haiku that I wrote months ago and have had in my sidebar for awhile now.

While I was looking for images to post with this, I ran across the following video of Will I Am which expresses exactly the same thing I was trying to above--that the exultation of the moment, wonderful as it feels, is only the beginning. We must continue to invest the same energy, cooperation, imagination and hope that was put into the campaign into the work that is before us for we are the change we have been waiting for.

Hop on the train.

3 tell me a story:

Linda Jacobs 11/11/2008 3:54 AM  

"A mending of the shattering" Love that line! Great message here!

Anonymous,  11/12/2008 8:17 PM  

I read hope here and that is a good thing!

BTW, it is never too late to post for MPTV!

blank page soaked

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