Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's Either Laugh Or Cry

I can't decide. The last thirty hours have been a roller coaster ride. I just lost the 2000 and some word draft that told the story when the browser on the PC on which I was composing it was forced to close because it encountered a problem. I'd like to tell it about a problem or two...or ten...or 437. Which was the number of suspicious items found on my laptop by the virus and spyware scanner after it had been hit by a blizzard of popups and pop unders and whole browser windows opening to palces I never asked for, never would ask for and opening faster than I could close them.

I am too weary to tell the story again. Suffice it to say, I am back on the laptop and it is better but there are still hints of trouble. But at least it appears to be allowing me to write this post. I don't dare tempt fate by taking too long at it though. Why do I never think to 'save as draft' when I am working in the blogger platform? I get spoiled by Live Writer which saves drafts every couple of minutes.

One note before I close. My laptop encountered the first offending popup just minutes--five at the most--after I posted the previous post, Adapting To Change. Go read it if you haven't already and see if you can guess what I have been contending with over the last thirty odd hours besides the nitty-gritty details of dealing with a cranky computer.

The time stamp is set to just before midnight so I can get the credit for having posted on Saturday and thus not break a 22 day long streak. It seems only fair. I began the first version of this which had the same title and featured the same video and began with the same sentence well before ten Saturday night Besides it is my blog isn't it?

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