Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Burdonsome Day

The library doors were locked until further notice at 5pm Friday evening. I took back the final two bags full of books and DVDs. The bags never weighed so much.

I wish I could say that the very last item had been returned. For about five minutes I could have but as I was visiting with one of the librarians and confessed I hadn't finished the novel I was reading she fished it back out of the return stack and said I could have until Monday morning before 9 to return it without incurring a fine. So Blessed Are the Cheesemakers by Sarah-Kate Lynch went back in the bag.
In a way, I regret bringing it back home because I had made my peace with letting go of it and I was all primed to move on to all those neglected things I listed in my TT this week. There was no way I could read Friday night as the headache that had been simmering all week went to a full boil by the time I got home from the library besides which I had slept only two hours since Thursday morning so sleep had to take priority. Then today visiting the TT participants who visited me and then some and getting their links onto the front page took priority. Tomorrow is a family get-together starting in the afternoon but preparations for it begin in the morning. So essentialy I have tonight to try to finish it.

One of the librarians took that pic of me from behind before she helped me get the bag off my back. My white cane which I am carrying in my left hand is completely hidden. But the picture that shows the cane doesn't show the top of my head. That was the heaviest I have every carried that backpack on my back. My arms trembled for hours afterwards. It took me over thirty minutes to make the walk that averages about 25 minutes for me if all the traffic lights go my way.

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Jenny McB 4/07/2007 7:54 PM  

I am still in disbelief about your library closings. I hope it doesn't last long.

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